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Deborah Lee Miller-Riley is a professional, supportive and knowledgeable trainer who offers canine behavior consultation and personalized instruction in your home or community. Using motivational and respectful training methods, Deborah Lee will show you how to inspire trust and cooperation through hands-free, pain-free leadership while increasing your appreciation of the canine mind and nature. Her personalized coaching will make it easier for you to identify and focus on behavioral goals that increase canine attentiveness, confidence, polite social behavior and decrease unacceptable behavior.  Need help changing a rude, annoying or destructive dog, Deborah Lee’s consultation and recommendations can help rehabilitate, improve order and strengthen your relationship with your canine family member.  Leadership is a skill that can be learned.  People who love and respect their dog seek canine awareness, knowledge and understanding so they can become a respected canine leader and a better partner to a great canine companion.

Basic vocabulary for all dogs 

What Great Canine Leaders Have In Common.

Splash Training Programs

Workshops, classes, private swim lessons for canine watersports

Private Lessons

The benefits of private lessons:

  1. BulletYou select dates & times that work for your lifestyle.

  2. BulletYou choose the learning environment, (home or community)

  3. BulletYou prioritize learning goals, which specifically benefits a dog with special needs (puppy under 12 weeks, minor aggression, shyness, sensitive, reactive - easy to arouse)

  4. BulletThe Instructor customizes training for your needs and ability.  

  5. BulletGenerally, private lessons are more relaxed and they offer you the greatest amount of  personal attention, support and reinforcement from a training professional.

Initial In-home visit requires about 90 minutes with the dog and the dog’s primary (adult) care provider. 

Fee: $125.00 for Connecticut families living in Fairfield, Trumbull, Monroe, & Bridgeport. 

Roundtrip mileage @ $.52 cents per mile will be added for travel beyond the borders of these towns. 

Initial private session includes:

  1. 1.Evaluation of your dog’s temperament, prior leaning experiences and your expectations for the dog. 

  2. 2.Discussion on what all well mannered dogs should know and what you want your dog to learn.

  3. 3.Discussion on methods for fostering canine cooperation thru pain-free motivational methods.

  4. 4.Demonstration of how to get a behavior started and/or solutions for changing inappropriate canine behavior.

  5. 5.Personalized training plan for continued progress & learning.

  6. 6.Training articles, resource list, (training booklet by Dr. Patricia McConnell for beginners) are included.

Follow-up visits

Approximately 45 minutes in duration and conducted in the dog’s home or community, depending on the training plan.   Best Deal:   $300.00 prepaid fee, for five lessons ( $60.00 per visit )

OR an individual lesson fee of $75.00 per visit.

Group Classes

The benefits of group lessons:

  1. BulletCost considerations, group fees are usually more affordable.

  2. BulletOpportunity for comforting camaraderie and support from other dog owners.

  3. BulletOpportunity for SAFE dog to dog  interactions and learning important canine communication skills, boundaries, and limits.

  4. BulletOpportunity for owners to observe/learn about appropriate canine play behavior and polite greeting behavior.

  5. BulletOpportunity to train and build canine distraction tolerance, self-control, patience and respect  in a new and sometimes changing environment.

  6. BulletOpportunity to learn from other teams in the group.

Occasionally Deborah Lee offers group classes for dog owners with special needs and public classes for training facilities or community organizations.  Any Individual may organized a private group class with Deborah Lee as their private instructor.  Like a private lesson, the group organizer chooses the training location that best meets the group’s training and socialization needs, such as a community park, a business district, a private home or a residential area.

Public group training classes are posted on the Community page.


Deborah Lee Miller-Riley

P.O. 842, Monroe, CT. 06468

203 521-0934 

The fastest response to your inquiry may be through email.

If you phone, please speak slowly and leave an email address or an evening and a day phone number. 

Phone calls may be returned in the evening after day time training hours.  Deborah Lee teaches workshops and has judging assignments out of state, especially during the summer, which may delay returning phone calls. 

Companion Dog Training

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