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  1. Foundation for Wastersports.pdf           

  2. Training Basics.pdf         

  3. CWS Safety Booklet 2006 .pdf

  4. May/June 2011 of DogSport Magazine includes the article: AQUAGILITY: Team Swim-Novice to Advanced Behavior


  1. Please enclose your food & treats in a dog proof container.  Even the best supervised dogs are quick to consume or cause damage in the pursuit of food and toys.

  2. No smoking  around the beach, please feel free to smoke up the hill or in your vehicle.

  3. Dogs must wear a life jacket during water training and neck collars must be removed before entering the water.

  4. Even if your dog is friendly, other dogs on the beach may not take kindly to having their space invaded. Dog teams taking private lessons may have aggression issues with other dogs.   Please supervise your dog and give other teams some respectful distance.  If your dog is unable to promptly respond to you when off lead, please keep your dog on lead or confined.

  5. Please drive slowly and carefully on this drive and avoid accelerations that cause tire spins & holes in the drive.   You may drive down the hill to the beach to unload equipment, but know that you may have to back up the drive to return to the street.  Please bring a wagon or wheels to transport your gear if your skill or vehicle is not suited for backing out of this narrow, gravel drive.


  1. Initially, just pair the presence of the jacket with daily meals and treats. Let the dog explore the jacket.

  2. Look for comfort and confidence before you place the jacket on the dog.

  3. Treat the dog while you dress the dog in the jacket. 

  4. Praise the dog for wearing the jacket.  Keep the wear duration short initially. 

  5. Reward the dog each time you put the jacket on. 

  6. Practice dressing and removal.

  7. Gradually increase wear duration periods.

  8. The jacket should fit snugly over the dog's ribcage.  There is no need for a jacket's saddle to extend past the dog's ribcage, this actually may cause extra bulk, drag and movement restriction. 

  9. Note: There is no performance difference between the two Ruffwear jackets, which CWS recommends for sports.  There may be a difference is durability.


The dog is:

  1. Trying to catch her breath, chest and stomach are heaving.

  2. Panting with a long tongue.

  3. Showing dilated pupils

  4. Swimming lower in the water, swimming slower.

  5. Repeatedly attempting to go to shore or to get out of the water

  6. Inattentive, not interested in the task at hand. 

  7. Repeatedly sniffing, hunting a scent.

  8. Repeatedly lapping the water.

  9. Finding ways to swim or run off and will not respond to return cues.

  10. Turning away from the handler. Deliberately looks away or moves away from handler, turns back to handler.

  11. Displaying behavior normally associated with worry or fear

  12. Refusing to try or to repeat a behavior.

  13. Repeating “mistakes”.

  14. Refusing to hold an object, refusing to swim with an article, keeps releasing the article.

  15. Refusing to enter the water.

  16. Carrying tail down and appears unable to lift the tail up.  “Hang tail”, “Swimmer’s tail”

  17. Showing any sign of injury, lameness, avoids being touched.

The handler is:

  1. Is confused about the training goal, objective, “what’s next” 

  2. Loosing patience, getting louder as if the dog is hard of hearing.

  3. Repeatedly telling the dog “No”

  4. Feeling pressured or anxious

  5. Thinking people or dogs are deliberately annoying you.

  6. Thinking the dog is just blowing you off and needs a firm hand.

  7. Repeatedly using the dog’s lead to compel the dog’s cooperation

  8. Out of treats and non-food reinforcement.



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