Copyright 2012 / Deborah Lee Miller-Riley, Monroe, Connecticut

Basic Vocabulary For All Dogs

  1. Dog’s Name -- attention when called

  2. Settle -- relax, calm down

  3. Ready --  focus, ready for action

  4. Come Here -- make contact with hand

  5. Let’s Go -- follow me, move with caller

  6. Walk -- move cooperatively next to walker’s (left) side (on and off leash); loose Heel work

  7. Phooey -- do not approach, leave it alone

  8. Sit  -- hocks and rump contact the floor while front legs are upright, default behavior.

  9. Lie Down -- elbows, belly and hocks on the floor

  10. Wait  -- duration of behavior, hold until released

  11. Bring & Drop -- bring object to my hand & release it

  12. Paws up --  jump or climb up, or just put the front paws up

  13. Paws Off  -- all paws on the floor

  14. Done -- task complete, released from attention

  15. Go to (Target) -- move to designated location (i.e. go to bed, crate, kitchen rug, car)

Other Important Manners and Safety Behaviors

  1. BulletSit calmly and wait for leash and collar to be attached.

  2. BulletSit calmly and wait for permission to exit or enter all doors, including car doors.

  3. BulletWait for permission to descend or ascend stairs.

  4. BulletWait for permission to step into a road (curb hesitation).

  5. BulletSit and wait for permission to greet people and dogs.

  6. BulletLie down and calmly wait until released, (use during human meals, phone calls, guests).

  7. BulletTake treats and toys gently.

  8. BulletSurrender all toys, food bowl, chews and other prized resources when asked.

  9. BulletCalmly accept grooming and handling over entire body.

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